Frequently Asked Questions

Get Quick Answers to Popular Questions!

Why do I need to buy insurance?

Insurance is defined as the passing of risk to an Insurance company.  It is not enough to just buy insurance.  It is critical that you buy the proper coverage and products.  We all know the saying you get what you pay for.  Do not pay cheaper premiums only to lose your life savings when something unfortunate or unexpected happens.  It is critical to make sure you have no gaps in your coverage, so let us help!

Do you offer free consultations to new customers?

We do more than just offer free quotes.  We will do a free policy review for every customer to make sure they have the proper coverage.  We will advise you on the gaps in your coverage and we will help you fix them.

How is your business different from other agencies?

Our Agency will provide support and protection in every aspect of our Customer’s life.  Our sole mission is to provide the Comfort and Security that fits our clients current and future needs.  This is why we are in the business.